There were some young entrepreneurs who created the most fearless indie game studio ever. Armed with their skills and their hunger for knowledge they started to put all hearts in their projects so they called it Koron. And then they saw it was incredible awesome.



Diego Díaz

Studio Head & Game Designer

Miguel López


Clara B. Martínez

2D Artist

Frank Ruocco

2D Artist


We love making original, funny and responsible videogames. We know that everything we do has an impact on our society, so we want to make it a positive impact.

Our vision is to consolidate ourselves as a stable and attractive company in the videogames market industry, and to engage and retain talent to create original and fun game experiences. So, individual goals will always become into company goals.


Team Working


We use Scrum framework, that encourages team communication and collaboration.

We want to generate a pleasant working atmosphere in which every teammate get fun making videogames and feel valued and rewarded for what they work.

Socially Responsible


We would like that our games are accesible and promote values of equality, human dignity and social justice.

We seek to contribute in the construction of the world in which we would like to live.



We know that videogames industry is in constant motion, and we love that!

Now we are developing mobile videogames because it is an emerging market, but we would like making VR, computer or console videogames too!


If you love to work with us but we are not looking for your profile, feel free to contact us! Maybe we might need you in the near future :). Our company is based in Madrid, so we can reply in Spanish and English.

Current open positions:

Game programmer

We are looking for a Unity 3D programmer with full-time availability for working in our office.

You will be the responsible of gameplay programming, and you will work hand in hand with another experienced programmer who will develop the user interface and will help you in several aspects of mobile cross-platform development.


  • ★ Experience in Unity 3d (job experience is not required: show us your projects!)
  • ★ Full time presencial availability
  • ★ Working engagement until September 2017 (be sure you can survive some months)
  • ★ Team worker


  • ★ Show us your code!
  • ★ Organised person
  • ★ Mobile industry knowledge
  • ★ Agile frameworks (SCRUM) knowledge
  • ★ Rapid prototyping with Play Maker, Game Maker, Construct 2D or any other engine
  • ★ Good level of English
  • ★ Game jams lover :)

What can we offer to you?

  • ★ Awesome working ecosystem with all the others Demium Games teams
  • ★ Access to the incubator trainings and mentorships
  • ★ Wide network of investors and wine industry professionals
  • ★ Viable bussiness plan based on mobile Free2Play games development
  • ★ Opportunity to become a part of our team
  • ★ FREE coffee!!

More info at (Spanish): http://www.stratos-ad.com/index.php?collaboration=6272/

If you are interested, contact us to jobs[@]koronstudios.com


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